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ONLINE Programming/Coaching: $150.00/month (3-month monthly subscriptions, non-refundable)


Individualized programming + coaching: 

Tier 1: 2/4-day training 175$

Tier 2: 5-day training 200$

Our individual programs are 100% customized to fit your training needs and competition goals. With a personalized program, you will have access to your own private coach. Our personalized programs can be designed to fit any athlete at any level of training. We can provide specialized programs to meet the needs of a complete beginner, a local competitor, or an aspiring national medalist. We are a weightlifting team (Parish Barbell Club), so we do travel together for local and national meets. We value each other as athletes, coaches, and friends.

A Pre-Programming Consultation MUST be completed before your programming can begin. Please click HERE to schedule this consultation. 

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