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Chelsey Quirk

My fitness journey wasn’t always easy. Let me take you back to where it began. I was out of shape, I had bad eating habits, and I would try any kind of fad diet you can think of. I hated my body, and I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was I needed to just show up and do something. 

I started at the NOAC, but I heard of this women’s only bootcamp in my area and decided to give it a try. I LOVED IT. I finally felt comfortable! It really taught me how I was capable of doing a lot more than I believed I could, which helped to build my confidence.  Later down the line, I heard a friend talk about “Crossfit,” which intrigued me. So of course, I gave it a try and fell in love. I loved that style of working out and what it did to me mentally and physically. This led me to my next adventure, weightlifting. This love of fitness and my journey changed me so much that I wanted to coach and to help teach people what I have learned. I decided to drop my Communications Major and started studying Exercise Science and graduated from UNO in 2015.


​ I coach because I want to help guide others to a healthier lifestyle. I know what it’s like to not believe in yourself. I want to encourage others to believe in themselves, show them "I can do this", and help them to change their lives too. 


Richie Newmann, III

I started lifting to get better at track and field and ended up liking it more than I anticipated. I can 100% say without my high school track coach suggesting I try this sport I would not have had the opportunities I have had to this day. My journey through Olympic-style weightlifting has allowed me to travel around the world and meet amazing people.

On the flip side, my coaching background is not as formal as most due to my degree in mechanical engineering. As for why I started coaching, it's easy, I want to give back to the community the way it helped me. If you were to ask me which I like more, being an athlete or a coach I don’t know if I could pick. They are both are equally as fun.


Harley Burke

Why I joined:

What started out as just a place to train has turned into a Barbell Club and the team I have so much pride in being a part of. I moved to Louisiana to be closer to my girlfriend who was a member at GGB and has had the wonderful opportunity to get to know the GGB members and coaches. My fellow weightlifters have welcomed me with so much kindness and warmth and I look forward to going to the gym every day. I have struggled with gyms in the past accepting me and my style of weightlifting. But GGB has made me feel like I belong there and they have all accepted me and my silly and passionate personality. It is wonderful to see women and men of all ages and all levels of fitness showing up and working their hardest every day for not only themselves but for each other. They are all so motivating and strong!


Why I coach:

My success as a Weightlifter thus far has come from many years of sports and Powerlifting. In Powerlifting I was a National Junior Champion and won several State Championship titles. In Weightlifting I have won 2 State Championships and placed 5th at the 2021 Senior National Championships. I thoroughly enjoy programming for athletes of all levels and age groups, all with their own individualized goals and needs. My goals as a coach are to help my athletes push themselves, gain confidence and learn the ins and outs of strength training and how they can apply that strength and confidence to their everyday lives. My passions for coaching truly bring me joy and my athletes are the sources of that joy. To see my athletes grow and learn to use their bodies to become better versions of themselves is a journey I am honored to be a part of. 

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